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Noise Under the Texas Sky

Primitive Camping will be available while spots last. First come first serve. Only 200 tickets. Be a part of this exclusive Music and Arts Festival.
Saturday May 4th 2019
$20 advance tickets through Eventbrite, bands, venue
$25 at the gate DOS
Includes Primitive Camping while spots last.

Music Lineup 2019

Death Will Tremble 11PM
Screamin' J 10PM
Ponytrap 9PM
Driving Slow Motion 8PM
Despero 7PM
Malion 6PM
The Butts 5PM
Suicide Cult 4PM
Breaklights 3PM
Mortales 2PM
Dream Eater 1PM

Comedy Lineup 2019

Ky Krebs 10:45PM
Paige Blur 9:45PM
Al Gonzales 8:45PM
Espi Rivadeneira 7:45PM
Francisco Garcia III 6:45PM
Le Aboav 5:45PM
Sam Hirchack 4:45PM
Dan Umthun 3:45PM
Gabriel Cavazos 2:45PM
Ashley Overton 1:45PM

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